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Visa to Vietnam
A passport and a visa are required for entry into Vietnam. A regular tourist visa is valid for up to 30 days. However, some Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Laos are exempted from visa when entering Vietnam. Vietnam also has a visa exemption for Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish citizens. Passport holders from these countries can travel to Vietnam up to 15 days without applying for tourist visas.
There are two kinds of tourist visas. The first can be obtained from the Vietnamese Embassy or the Consulate in the travelers' home country. The second can be obtained at the international airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang) on arrival in Vietnam provided that it has been pre-approved by the Immigration Office.
     Upon requests, First Choice offers visa procurement services for individuals and groups.
The procedure is as follows:
1) Passport details and arrival and departure dates for each
individual are sent by e-mail or fax to First Choice no later than 5 days prior to departure date to Vietnam.
2) First Choice submits the details to the Immigration Office, which takes 3 days for processing.
3) The Immigration Department notifies First Choice of the visa approval and returns an approval number to First Choice.
4) First Choice sends a faxed copy (or email) of the approval letter to the agent or directly to the individual concerned.
5) The traveler or tour-group operator must show these visa approval codes at the airline check-in counter before flying to Vietnam.
6) Upon arrival, the group or individual will need to go to "LANDING VISA" counter where their visa will be processed. They need to fill in a form (02 photo required) and get the visa stamped by Immigration Officer.
7) The visa gets stamped in the passport.

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