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Become First Choice Affiliate Program allows you to add a full service travel agency to your site. Every time you refer your site visitors to First Choice website and they book with us, you will have the opportunity to earn a commission. We make setting up a program easy. In the most cases, you will be up and running the same day you sign in. Joining the program is free, and there are no booking requirements. Become a member today!
Why choose First Choice?
First Choice is your dependable local partner providing innovative travel products, outstanding performance, considerate customer service and overall business superiority.
We are a leading online travel product and service provider with a four year history. First Choice has over 100 employees with offices in Hanoi and 7 other cities across Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
Why be an affiliate?
It's FREE to join.
It's EASY to use: By including the HTML code and logos on your site after successfully registering with the program, you can easily enjoy lucrative commissions on click-through purchases at eLong.net.
It's PROFITABLE: Earn large commissions!
Becoming an Affiliate
1. How should I get started?
Answer: It's easy. Please send us an email or fill out the contact form, and our staff will contact you as soon as your request is received
2. What are the basic requirements for a would-be Affiliate?
Answer: We welcome all sites to join the Discover Mekong Affiliate Program. But we reserve the right to reject any application that we deem inappropriate.
3. My website is outside of Vietnam. Can I still join the program?
Answer: Yes, you can. First Choice affiliate program welcomes websites from anywhere in the world.
4. How much does it cost to be an affiliate?
Answer: Nothing! It's free to join. There are no application or set up fees, and no minimum sales requirement.
5. How do you know whether a click-through purchase is from my Web site?
Answer: As a First Choice Affiliate, an ID code will be assigned to your links, by which all the click-through from your site are differentiated and recorded. You can check all transaction details in your affiliate account.
6. Can I participate in other affiliate programs besides yours?
Answer: Yes. Participation in the First Choice Affiliate Program does not limit you from participating in other Web sites' affiliate programs.
Running your Affiliate Program
1. Where will find the links?
Answer: First Choice will be responsible for making the Affiliate pages and the links will be sent to you by email after the pages are finished.
2. Where should I place the links on my Web site?
Answer: You need to place the links somewhere prominently on your Web site. Our suggestions include: your homepage, navigation bar, sections for travel products etc.
3. How often should I update the links? Is this obligatory?
Answer: You need to update the links according to our requirements as long as the Agreement is valid. Yes, it is obligatory because you have chosen to cooperate with our operation by accepting the Affiliate Program Agreement.
4. Can I put your contents other than those you have provided on my site?
Answer: Only when you have received written permission from us.
Monitoring your sales:
1. How often can I check my reports?
Answer: Whenever you want to.
2. How often will the reports be updated?
Answer: You can inspect your real-time sales performance from your affiliate account online.
Customer Support
1. Do I have to answer customer questions, enquiries and complaints all by myself?
Answer: No, you don't have to. We will handle them for you.
2. There are many affiliates in this program. How can your customer service differentiate my customers from the other affiliate's customers?
Answer: After you sign up to become an affiliate, a designated service email address (generally "Name of Your Site"@ viethoteltravel.com) will be assigned to you. Just put this email address on your site as the customer service contact, and we will be responsible for handling all customer problems in your name.

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